MeStyle Garage Hotel was founded by Khun Sombat Sangratkanjanasin, the late founding father of MeStyle Group who has been in the real-estate scene of Bangkok for over 2 decades. Founded in July 2018, MeStyle Garage Hotel was built to embody Khun Sombat’s vision to construct with “one-of-a-kind design daring to use bold colors. Never leave out the art pieces while keep it lush and breezy. Let’s also hang up string lights. Our buildings may look different, but that’s how we live up to our own definition of ‘MeStyle’”. As seen in many of the group’s residential projects of condominiums and apartments, the use of vibrant colors has always been the Sangratkanjanasin’s signature, but it’s with the birth of MeStyle Garage Hotel that our group is finally able to fully embrace and realize our father’s vision. In hope to inspire our visitors with what we value, we MeStyle Garage Hotel are dedicated to make your visit a journey to unsee the world you’ve seen, and remember our place with your own definition.


Following the founder of MeStyle Group’s attempt to add to Bangkok’s landscape a building unique in its style, we decided to challenge the architectural design of today’s hotels. With the advantages of being in the real estate business for over 2 decades, we took a look at our own warehouse to see our available resources before brainstorming our idea. Thanks to the fantastic help of our talented architect friend, Prof. Kitisak Suthumchote, who has worked his magic for the inspiring design of Siam@Siam Design Hotels, we were able to incorporate what we’ve already had in store into a one-of-a-kind construction that embodies our philosophy and speaks proudly of our own identity. It is also our founder’s passion for collecting car parts and his fascination in the natural beauty of wooden materials that answer why MeStyle Garage Hotel is so special in terms of its customized—almost self-satisfied—architectural design. In contrast to the usual steel rod-and-concrete combination of ordinary buildings in Thailand, our hotel was structured by countless pieces of metal bars. No concrete pillars to be seen, only raw plain metal bars, uncanny furniture pieces made of contrasting materials, the family’s signature bold use of vibrant colors, and tons of different vehicle parts you’ve got to ask yourself just how these pieces are put together in one place. Disassemble to re-assemble. Deconstruct to re-construct. From the reception desk that features over a hundred American car plates, every nook and cranny of MeStyle Garage Hotel is filled with the wooden bits and metal pieces we found in our warehouse reborn as state-of-the-art décor by the creative mind and the remarkable carpentry skills of our in-house artisans. Welcome to the garage hotel lovingly built and dedicatedly run by the family of a full-time land developer and a part-time a car collector. Check in with a wonder whether this is “a garage or a hotel?”, check out with the answer you find for yourself.